How well do you know Barack Hussain Obama

There are a lot of super genius in this world.Do you feel studying is very important in life or do you want to prove yourself to others who talk rubbish about you?Then you are free to do so.

Take this quiz with friends.Obama is a president of America.You should know a lot about him.This can help you later on in life.Take the quiz and hit it on the top score!!!!

Created by: Simran

  1. Where was Barack Obama born?
  2. What is Barack Obama's mothers name?
  3. What does Obama enjoy playing?
  4. What was Obamas pet ape called?
  5. What was Obama called?
  6. Wich ice-cream parlour did he work at?
  7. Wich commics does he love collecting?
  8. From wich University did Obama receive law degree?
  9. How many daughters does Obama have
  10. What is Obamas daughters names?
  11. What is the meaning of Obamas name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Barack Hussain Obama