Who would you vote for

Who's right for you Obama or McCain? Take the quiz and find out who's better. Will it be the democrat for change Obama? Or the republican that think the world is fine and most cases? You are taking a quiz about voting basically.

Find out who you'll vote for. Are you democrat. Or republican. The answer lies in you.Good luck! Your are intitled to your own opinion.And if you dont get the right results then you believe its fine. Maybe you think like someone and may be towards someone else.

Created by: Politic person
  1. What party are you?
  2. Who would you vote for?
  3. Which one is for you?
  4. What senate?
  5. What governor?
  6. Do you think the world needs change?
  7. Do you think its right for abortion?
  8. Is the world ready for Obama for president (racially)
  9. Will you vote (if you can)
  10. Do you think religion is important in this race

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