How well do you know avengers? Easy mode

This is the easy version quiz of avengers. Awnser questions and get your score. If you pass, move on to medium mode witch will be made in the future. Keep in mind maybe if you’re taking this in the future, it will be made.

This is also a late tribute to Stan Lee, the. Creator of the amazing world of marvel. He was a good man. He never gave up making comics, until 2018, where he passed away. Rest In Peace, Stan Lee! You were a good man.

Created by: Longcow quizzes
  1. How did Bruce banner get his power as turning to hulk?
  2. Why did Tony Stark get a magnet in his chest?
  3. Who destroyed thor’s Hammer?
  4. What is Thor’s new weapon?
  5. Who was the first avenger
  6. Who was the latest villain the avengers fought?
  7. What is Steve Rogers’ shield made of?
  8. Where did Tony Stark make his first suit?
  9. What was the first villain the avengers fought?
  10. And finally... when was Stan lee born? (Rest in peace Stan, you were a good man.)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know avengers? Easy mode