how well do you know ANT farm?

this quiz is about the tv show a.n.t farm and how much know about it. have you ever seen a.n.t farm? do you think you know everything about it? well find out by

taking this quiz! the quiz is gonna be true or false btw. im running out of things to type here. well I hope you like my quiz! and if you don't, its just a quiz so... yeah

Created by: harpusrox7

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  1. ok these questions will be true or false
  2. ant stands for advanced natural talents
  3. chynas talent is memory
  4. fletchers talent is art
  5. angus's talent is computers
  6. olives talent is music
  7. the popular girl who is mean to the ANTS is paisley
  8. lexi is chynas older sister
  9. Cameron is chynas older brother
  10. gibson is a teacher at Webster high

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ANT farm?