A. N. T. Farm: Olive Pop Quiz

Howdy, partner! This is the third quiz in my A. N. T. Farm character quiz series! I have two more, one on Chyna and one on Lexi. I also have one entitled, "Which A. N. T. Farm character are you?"

This is a great quiz to take if you like Olive- and not like like, although you can take it if you are crushing on her- because it quizzes you on random facts about Olive, her friends and her school.

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. Who plays the role of Olive?
  2. What is Olive's last name?
  3. What is Olive's talent?
  4. Who is the school mascot at Webster High?
  5. Is Olive a cheerleader?
  6. What color is Olive's hair?
  7. Who has a crush on Olive?
  8. Who is Olives "locker neighbor"?
  9. True or False. Lexi and Olive have been best friends since pre-school.
  10. Describe Olive's skin.
  11. In the episode patANT pending, who does Olive pretend is her boyfriend?

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