The A.N.T. Farm quiz

There are a lot of people who know a lot about tv shows but how much do you know about A.N.T. Farm??? In this quiz there is a lot of questions and only you have the ability to answer the questions!

Do you know a lot about A.N.T. Farm??? Do you have what it takes to answer the questions about this quiz? You will find out how much you know about A.N.T. Farm if you take this quiz!

Created by: Abbey
  1. Who is China's best friend?
  2. What is Flentcher's talent???
  3. When somebody joins the A.N.T. farm, Gibson says "Welcome to the ant farm! I love doing that". Who always is behind him?
  4. On the first episode of ant farm, what istrument does china play in class?
  5. Who lost their memory in the recording booth from it getting too loud?
  6. Who does lexi hang around with??
  7. Is lexi in the ant program?
  8. What does A.N.T. stand for?
  9. What is the principal's name?
  10. What is Angus's talent?
  11. Who REALLY loves China?

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