A. N. T. Farm: Lexi Pop Quiz

Welcome to paragraph one of A. N. T. Farm: Lexi Pop Quiz. Did you know that this is actually the second in my A. N. T. Farm Pop Quiz series? There is also one on Chyna, which I urge you to take if you find this one enjoyable.

And here is paragraph two of the wonderful descriotion of my wonderful quiz about Lexi Reed. I long to tell you about her, but anything I say about her would give you an answer for the quiz! Oh goodness me, how I've rambled! Its time to start!

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. Who plays the role of Lexi Reed?
  2. Is Lexi an A. N.T. ?
  3. What sport does Lexi play?
  4. Who is Lexi's best friend?
  5. Is Lexi tall?
  6. What color is Lexi's hair?
  7. How much of a loser is Lexi?
  8. Does Lexi like the A. N. T. 's?
  9. In episode 2, what does Lexi sing a song about?
  10. In the theme song, which two pictures of Lexi are shown?
  11. Is Lexi Cameron's girlfriend?
  12. What brand of bag does Lexi have?

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