Which A.N.T. Farm character are you?

This is a quiz feauturing the cool characters of the TV Show A.N.T. Farm. You can find out what character you are Most like just by taking this quiz. I hope you have fun.

Are you ready to take the quiz? I hope so! Are you familiar with the characters already? If you are, great! If not, get a taste of the show by taking this quiz. Enjoy and please comment. Thank you.

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a talent?
  2. Are you supersmart?
  3. Are you a little bossy
  4. What do you look like?
  5. How old are you?
  6. How much makeup do you wear?
  7. Whats your favorite pastime?
  8. Whats your personality?
  9. What kinds of clothes do you wear?
  10. *this question does not affect your score* "¢"¢"¢"¢"¢"¢"¢"¢ Have you ever watched ANT Farm?

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Quiz topic: Which A.N.T. Farm character am I?