How Much Do You Know About The A.N.T Farm?

So, as you've probably already guessed, this is a quiz which tests your knowledge on the T.V programme, The A.N.T Farm. Also, can I just say that this is my first ever quiz, so it probably won't be that good...

Have you ever wondered how much you really know about The A.N.T Farm? If you answered yes then this quiz is for you! This quiz will show you (in my opinion) how much you really know. So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz!

Created by: Mystery888

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  1. Which is true?
  2. Who is Lexi?
  3. Is Lizzie an A.N.T?
  4. True or false: Only girls can be A.N.T's.
  5. Which best describes Olive?
  6. Who looks after the A.N.T's?
  7. In the MutANT Farm, what is Fletcher?
  8. Who is Lizzie's boyfriend?
  9. What colour is Olive's hair? (Random I know but I'm running out of questions!)
  10. What instrument does Chyna play?
  11. Okay, that's enough questions. Goodbye and thank you for taking my first ever quiz! (pick the first answer!

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About The A.N.T Farm?