How well do you know Adam Lambert?

Ok so it barley tells you stuff about adam but oh well.So ya im you like bacon?Im not such a big fan,i mean i like sausage but i just dont really like bacon.I know its sad

Umm hi.I know this quiz is a little weird but im not an amerian idlo freak.Trust me.I just think Adam lambert is really cool thats all.It may seem that i am throught some of the questions but trust me im not.

Created by: Rebecca
  1. How old is he?In the year 2009?
  2. What is his secret talent?
  3. What talent show is he on?
  4. What song did he sing for country night?
  5. Does he have a brother?
  6. What type of music does he like the most?
  7. Who did he go up against on the season finale?
  8. What song did he sing for his birth Year?
  9. Who did he do a duet with a what song did they sing?
  10. Who insulted him as being "slightly frightening"?
  11. What Famous band did he sing alone with?
  12. Who did he bond the most with?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Adam Lambert?