How Funny Are you

they're are plently of funny guys out there, such as adam sandler, chris rock, ben stiller,or even jack black. They never fail to make people luagh because they are random, and love to have fun.

Are you a funny person. do you have what it takes to make people laugh soooooo hard that they start to pee a little. well if you dont know, this quiz will help you find out!

Created by: Jen

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How Would You Finish This question "Why Did The Cat fall off the tree?"
  2. You make peole laugh when you...
  3. You make peole laugh when you...
  4. How Often do you make people laugh
  5. do you think the the word "horny" is funny
  6. do your frinds often tell you you are retarded?
  7. your parents say that you are a little loopy
  8. you made your stricest teacher in your school laugh
  9. you watch.......
  10. your favorite type of comedy is...
  11. is this quiz making you laugh?

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