people say they love The OC..but what do they really mean? really loving the show by heart or just having some major crushes on Adam Brody or Mischa Barton?

Try this test if you REALLY, REALLY, DEFINITELY love The'll determine how much of The OC fan you are you ready?? welcome to The OC, b----..

Created by: mohican
  1. let's start simple..what are two breakfast items that the Cohens usually have every morning?
  2. What is the color of Ryan's bed cover in the pool house?
  3. Which of these songs was played in Holly's party in the first episode of season 1?
  4. What is the color of Marissa's Berkeley sweat shirt?
  5. What made Taylor so happy in the end of Harbor's Prom night?
  6. Who is said to be having this wonderfully hairless body like a seal?
  7. What does Lindsay Gardner do whenever she's nervous?
  8. what is Summer's favorite beverage at the diner?
  9. another drinks question..What beverage that Oliver served in his new year party?
  10. In season 4, where did Julie find Summer when she just got kicked out of Brown?
  11. "I'm sick of people trying to tell me what to do.." who said this?
  12. " are so GAY.." now, who said this?
  13. "Luke has a gay dad, Luke has a gay dad..can't wait to see it buddy.." now who said this?
  14. "I don't do relationships.." geez, who thinks this way?
  15. Where did Marissa take Caitlin shopping when she first met her?
  16. Where did Seth hide his sketches of Summer he made during the holiday?
  17. What costumes did the male strippers wear for Julie's bachelorette party?
  18. "I'm in Hard Rock..out of all places.." who said this?
  19. What profession did Ryan want to be?
  20. "I know love when i see one.." who said this?

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