How well do u know the phoenix wright ace attorney franchise

There are many smart people,but few geniuses .Genius is,after all ,quite exceptional meow . What is a genius ? A genius is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind , Is able to solve complexx problems , and see the world through an entirely novel point

Are you a real genius do you have enough brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title until this whole time you have been only wondering but thanks to my me and my healthy nine year old brain in some time you will find out!!!!!!!!!

Created by: AZ

  1. What is phoenix's occupation?
  2. Who is phoenix's partner?
  3. Who was phoenix's girlfriend
  4. Who is phoenix's mentor
  5. Who is phoenix's grand mentor (his mentor's mentor)
  6. Who is phoenix's best friend(excluding larry butz)
  7. Who is Apollo Justice
  8. Who is phoenix's main rival in the third game
  9. What happened to phoenix when he was a kid
  10. Who is Athena cykes

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