How well do u know Sean Kingston?

There are many smart people, but few genius people. Genius is afterall,quite exceptional. What is a genius? A person that has extraordinary clever mind and is able to solve complex questions and sees the world fairer..

Are u a genius? Or extraordinary intelligent on music stuffs? Are u a fan of Sean Kingston? Do u love him with passion? I think u should take this! You'll see and learn, but for more knowledge,go on net to know all details. Thanks

Created by: Girlbye

  1. What is Sean Kingston real name?
  2. When was he born?
  3. He's from where?
  4. He is?
  5. He was born at?
  6. He sang?
  7. How many years is he?
  8. He also sang
  9. What song is this line in? 'the doctor was looking at a scar' or 'my mum is my hero
  10. What line is dis? 'it was back in 99'
  11. Are u a fan of him? Be honest

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