Elemental Love part 8

Hey guys! Sorry this quiz is so late! But it's Spring Break (YEAH!) and I got it out. I just want to say thank you to all of my quiz takers. YOu guys are the best, since you put up with my not really funny answers and taking so long to get quizzes out. But I'm working on it (both problems)! I promise! Oh and if you've forgotten what the guys look like read the next paragraph!

What the guys look like!Sean:Brown hair, ocean blue eyes, tall, muscluar- Element;Water. Tim:Blonde hair, sky blue eyes, tallish, not as muscluar as Sean but still musclar, interchedic- Element;Wind. Randy:Black hair, green eyes, average height, not as musclar as Sean but stronger than Tim- Element;Earth. Regan: Red hair, brown eyes, Taller than Sean, has a very short temper, strong- Element;Fire. Rob: He's your best friend and is two years older than you, but that dosen't matter to you. He has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, tallest of the guys, not the strongest but not the weakest- Element;Wind. Oh and I'm going to put Kygo description in just to tease you guys. Kygo: Tall, tan, strong yet gentle face, golden eyes, strong, black hair, no elmental powers AND IN LOVE WITH YOUR SIS!

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  1. Let’s recap shall we? I last left you when you and Quan had just started the Duel and you were circling each other waiting for the other one to make the first move. Remember? Good let us begin.
  2. You kept your eyes on Quan’s feet. He had his on your waist. Suddenly he lunched at you punching and kicking. He was one of the fastest you’ve ever seen. You didn’t know anyone who could move that fast. You were paring and blocking just as fast though. One of his punches slipped through your guard and you received a hard right hook to the head. You blew him backward. At the same time you took a few steps back in surprise. Quan came to a stop and looked at you. “Oh it’s on now,” you hissed. He gave an evil smile and ran at you. This time you were on the offense. You were punching, kicking, and upper-cutting doing everything just to keep him on the defense. You landed a few good kicks and punches on him. He finally blew you backwards just to get a rest. You didn’t give him one. When he blew you backwards you dashed back toward him. He crouched down ready to defend. When you were a foot away he dropped to the ground and you had to leap into the air before you tripped over him. He rolled over onto his back and grabbed your ankles. Quan yanked you to the ground and you fell, face planting in the dirt. You flipped over flicking your ankles and kicking him in the face. You both did a back roll onto your feet. You circled each other. Quan swept the dirt in front of him creating a lot of dust. He blew it toward you. You blew it to the side and Quan came rocketing out of the wall of dust. In a spilt second decision you decided to take this fight to the ground. Quan started punching at you and you blocked them for a second. Then you grabbed his wrist, stepped between his feet, hooked his shoulder and threw him to the ground. You then pounced on him, sitting on his stomach.
  3. You pinned his arms above his head and studied him for a moment. “You give?” you asked. “In your dreams,” he hissed. He plunged his arms down, bucking his hips. He flipped you over so he was on top. He pinned your arms above your head. “Looks like the shoes on the other foot know, huh?” he teased. You growled at him and you did a technique to get out from under him. You were both back on your feet. As you started circling again you saw something sparkle from your peripheral vision. You knew it was swords. You feinted to the left. Quan lunched toward you; you already had the swords in your hands and you were spinning them over your wrists. Quan watched you waiting for your next move. You tossed him a sword. He caught it confused. You shrugged. “I like a fair fight,” answering his unasked question. He shrugged a shoulder and replied “Fair enough. However you just made the biggest mistake of your life.” Spinning the sword so fast it was just a blur he attacked.
  4. You don’t know how long it’s been since you and Quan started fighting. All you knew was that you were exhausted and so was he. You and Quan had both lost your swords and were circling each other, tripping over your feet. “You done?” you shouted to Quan, breathless. “Not even close,” he called back. ‘Fine’ you thought. With the last of your energy you lunched at him punching. Instead of blocking he stepped back, blowing you to the side. You fell on your face but didn’t have the strength to get back up. Quan collapsed next to you a second later. “Truce?” Quan panted. “Truce,” you agreed. You held your hand up and Quan shook it.
  5. Applause and cheers broke out. You rolled onto your back propping yourself up on your elbows at the same time as Quan. The two of you looked around confused. It seems like the whole place turned out to see you and Quan duel. King Jose and Queen Isra was there. The guys, Kygo, Sarah and Jake was there. All the masters and all of the other students was there. All of the maids, cooks, guards, gardeners, stable hands everyone. Master Koda and Master Li approached you guys. “My, my,” Master Koda said. “I haven’t seen a duel like that in years!” “It was amazing!” Master Li cried. They helped each of you to your feet. “How long did we fight?” Quan asked over the noise of the crowd. “About 3 hours,” Master Li answered. Your jaws hit the floor. Spencer, Matt, Victor and Erick joined you. “Oh man that was amazing!” Victor cried. Spencer clapped Quan on the back. “Nice job man,” he said. “There hasn’t been a duel like that in forever,” Matt said. “You two gave each other quite a run for your money,” Erick laughed. “Alright you can continue this conversation later,” Master Li interrupted. “______, Quan follow me please.” He walked toward the center. When he got there he stopped. He raised his hands for silence. The crowd fell quiet. “These two here have fought diligently” he called out in a strong voice, “and has you all witnessed they have done something that has never been done in the history of all duels. They have both summited. A truce would be better thing to call it. And now the two fighters: ________ and Quan!” The room erupted in cheers and applause again. You looked at on the mass of bodies who came, just to watch you and Quan duel. You couldn’t believe it.
  6. The guys, Jake, Kygo and Sarah walked up to you guys. “Great job you guys!” Kygo congratulated you. “Thanks,” you and Quan chorused. You earned a hug from each of the guys. You turned to your brother started to hug each other. While Randy hugged you he whispered in your ear “Nice job Sunshine.” But before either of you touched the other you stopped. “Nah,” you said together waving your hands and stepping back. This made the other laugh. By now the room had emptied. Quan turned to you. “I don’t know about you but I’m dog tired. I’m going to bed,” he said. You yawned and said “Me too, but I’m going to clean up first. Nice fight, today. Whenever you’re ready for a rematch-“Quan interrupted you. “Bring it on,” he finished. You nodded and yawned again. You and the guys bid the masters, other students, Jake, Sarah and Kygo a goodbye and walked away. When you reached your room you turned on the guys and said “Stay,” to them. You then got clothes and went and took a bath. When you were done found the guys had disappeared. Just then Maria walked in her arms full of sheets. She greeted you with a warm smile. “Hello Miss _________,” she said. “Hello Maria,” you greeted her. You stood there awkwardly as she placed the sheets on a chair and started to strip your bed. “Would you like some help with that?” you asked finally. She looked at you over her shoulder. “I would love some help,” she replied. You took the pillows out of their cases and trying to start a conversation you asked “So… do you like being a maid?” “Oh yes, I enjoy it very much. Most people would not like it but I do. I get to the thing I love most.” “Changing sheets?” you joked. Maria laughed. “No, cleaning and making everything straight.” She went on to tell you about else she got to do as a maid. By the time she was done your bed had fresh sheets on it.
  7. Maria gathered the old sheets. “Thank you so much for helping me dear,” Maria thanked you. Your “Your welcome,” you replied. “Uh, do you think you could tell me where I could fine my gu- protectors room?” “I can do better than that.” Maria grinned. “I’m going past their room on the way to the laundry room. I’ll take you. Just follow me.” She led you out of the room and down a series of halls full of right and left turns. You knew you would have to have the guys take you back because you were hopelessly lost. You finally reached a door that looked identical to yours. You turned to Maria. “Thank you so much,” you thanked her. “No problem dear. And if you ever need to talk or need some boy advice don’t hesitate to ask.” She winked at you. “It looks like you’re going to need some boy advice in the very near future.” With that she continued down the hall. You watched her back until she disappeared around a corner. “She reminds me of Oma (German for grandma),” you thought aloud. You turned to the door and raised your fist to knock. You froze as you heard sounds that sounded like fighting. You lowered you fist and pressed your ear against the door.
  8. “Well what was I supposed to do?!” you heard someone cry. “I was only trying to cheer her up!” “Yeah but did you have to give her a nickname?” another voice cried out. “I thought we agreed that we wouldn’t tell her so we’d all get an equal chance!” a third voice chimed in. “AN EQUAL CHANCE?!” the first voice shouted. “DON’T YOU GIVE ME ANYTHING ABOUT EQUAL CHANCES, HALLSWORTH! YOU’VE HAD TWO YEARS TO MAKE YOUR MOVE! YET YOU CHOSE TO WAIT!” You figured the guy getting yelled at was Rob, and the first was Randy. “SHE WAS 13! SHE WAS WAY TO YOUNG FOR ME TO EVEN THINK ABOUT TELLING HER HOW I FEEL! I STILL THINK SHE’S STILL TOO YOUNG!” The second voice came back in. “SHE’S 15!” “EXACTLY!” Rob shouted. You figured the second voice was Regan. Rob, Regan, and Randy started screaming at each other so loud you pulled your ear away from the door. Then a fourth voice hollered above the other three. “HEY!” The screaming stopped. “All of you just calm down! We are not going to settle this screaming and fighting with each other. We are going to stick to our first decision and leave it up to her, AFTER the K. of D. is defeated. Alright?” ‘Sean’ you thought as you pressed your against the door again. There was mumbled replies that sounded like an agreement. “You know, we should be ashamed of ourselves,” a quiet voice said. It was so quiet you had to strain to hear it. The voice belonged to Tim. “Here we are arguing about who ______ loves when the most evil person on the planet, in the universe, is after her and she has to save the world. We should be helping her, not arguing.” There was silence. Then Regan broke the silence. “Leave it to Tim to start preaching about what we should be doing and what we shouldn’t be doing.” This set Tim off and soon enough he and Regan were in a screaming match, Randy and Rob went back at it and Sean was just trying to get everybody to stop fighting. ‘That’s it,” you thought. ‘If I let this go on any longer someone’s going to start throwing punches.’ You stepped back from the door and rapped on it, loud and strong. The noise in the room cut off abruptly.
  9. Sean opened the door. “________! I thought you were going to take a nap.” He said. “I was but I decided to come and talk to you guys a while.” You and Sean just stood there, looking at each other. “Can I come in?” you finally asked. “Oh right, sorry. Come on in,” Sean said. He stepped back and let you in. He shut the door as you did a quick look around their room. It looked like yours except it was bigger and had more beds and more wardrobes. However unlike yours there were chairs. Each of the guys was in one. Seeing as there was no empty chairs you sat on the closest bed. Even though your hair was still a little damp you braided it as you and the others just stared at each other. As you finished with your hair, you decided you might as well tell them what you heard.
  10. “So since I was 13, huh?” you asked Rob. All of them looked shocked. “How-“Rob started. “I overheard you guys fighting.” They all looked at each other guiltily. “How much did you hear?” Regan asked. “Everything,” you answered. “______ we’re sorry. We wanted to tell, but we didn’t want to add just one more thing on your mind. You chuckled. “I appreciate your concern but it’s a little late in not wanting to add another thing on my mind.” “What do you mean?” Randy asked. “I mean that I’ve known all of you liked me for a while.” They all stared at you. “I overheard you back at the house. You know the morning the K. of D. got me.” “So you’ve had a long time to think about it huh?” Sean asked. You nodded. Their unasked question hung in the air. You sighed. You crossed your legs and picked up a pillow, hugging it to your chest. You rested your chin on it. “I just don’t know guys,” you said. “I’m so confused for my feelings for all of you. It’s going to take some time to untangle them all. And right now I really can’t focus too much on that. We’ve got bigger things to worry about right now.” The guys all nodded in understanding.
  11. “You know,” you said, “I wonder what my brother would say if he found out all of you liked me. He’d probably flip out and then go all older brother on you. My sister on the other hand would either be a) jealous or b) feel sorry for me, because I to choose from such great guys.” You laughed. “Although if she had a choice, how much you wanna bet she’ll choose Kygo every time. The guys took your mood a cue and started talking about your duel with Quan. They praised and criticized you. When your eyes started drooping the guys took you back to bed. As you feel asleep you knew that nothing would ever be the same between you and Rob and the other guys.
  12. Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this segment of Elemental Love! There will only be 2, yes TWO more parts to this series and then it’s done. But do not fear I will be starting another series after this one. Anyway, I’ll get part nine out as soon as I can. I apologize for this one being so late. I want to do a quick shout out to _Violalover_, angelic4, xxblutixx (I did get your telepathic message), XxLuckyzxX, and everyone else who has put up with my taking so long to get quizzes out. I love you all. Please leave comments. I read them all and I take all of your criticism and suggestions into account. Until next time! BYEEZZZ!
  13. Oh wait I have decided to give you a SNEAK PEAK! *Crowd cheers* Alright hear it is! : “Isn’t this just perfect,” he purred. The K of D. stroked your cheek. You jerked your head away. “I’m debating on whether or not to say ‘I told you so’. You know what? I’m going to say. I told you so. I always win. Always.” He strode back to his throne and sat down on it. He gestured to throne next to his. “Why don’t you come and sit down, my queen.” He laughed evilly. If you want to know what happens you need to read the next part! Which I hope will be out sooner than this one!
  14. Oh and if you didn't read the second paragrah it has the descriptions of the guys (plus Kygo) in it. So for the last time (yes last time) BYEZZZ!

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