Elemental Love part 7 ANOUCHMENT

Hey guys this is just an annoucment telling you how to gete to Elemental Love part 7. Please ignore my bannter in the answers. I'm not feeling 100%. So I'm making little jokes.

MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FIRST 2 QUESTIONS! The first 2 questions tells you how to get to the quiz. Hopefully you all like it. Again please ignore my witty (at least in my opionin) banter.

Created by: _celloplayer_

  1. Hey everybody! This is _celloplayer_ the wonderful quiz maker of Elemental Love. The 7th part is out but Gotoquiz is not letting it onto the new quizzes lost. What you have to do is type in my username _celloplayer_ in the search box and go to my acount. Once on there click on "Elemental Love part 7" and it'll take you to the quiz. Understand?
  2. Don't worry about the answer. It doesn't matter since this is just an informative quiz.
  3. So I guess that's all you need to know... I'm not sure what to do now.
  4. Well I'm only on question 4 so i need 6 more questions. Well who's your favorite guy?
  5. How are you guys liking the series?
  6. Do you think I need to change anything?
  7. Question 7! Only 3 to go!
  8. What is your favorite Element?
  9. Thanks for all the support!
  10. YAY! Last question! Why did you even finish this quiz? Go follow my directions and take Elemental Love part 7! You know you want to!

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