How well do u know me? Updated

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Welcome to how well do u know me quiz Edited.. Yes I edited it because I felt like it. Rules are: use a computer or smart phone 2. dont use a cactus to type your answers please. 3. refrain from searching for the right answers on Google

I hope, after you take the rules into consideration, that you have much enjoyment in taking this quiz about me here. i hope also that you learn something useful in everyday life in the aftermath of taking this quiz! Yeah!

Created by: The Actual Boss

  1. Do I like Trump? Where Yes is NOT No and No is NOT Yes
  2. Do I enjoy life?
  3. Why do I talk about politics a lot?
  4. My fav color is you probably already know
  5. My fav hobby is
  6. Before I edited this quiz I had a Q that was pokin fun at dumb people but now I want to change it: What/who do I hate the most?
  7. My fav food is still the same kinda but its actually not
  8. What do I think of America, socially?
  9. Politically?
  10. My thoughts on technology?

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