Encanto: How much do you know?

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This is a quiz about Encanto, including 17 questions that, based on your answers, will give you a result of how much you know about Encanto. I hope you enjoy :D

Rules: You can not use Google or any other search engines to answer, and you cannot overthink each question. This is just for fun so enjoy it and rate is green smiley face or else. Thank you C:

Created by: We1rd0_Gurl
  1. Lets start of easy: What is Mirabel's eye colour?
  2. What colour are Mirabel's shoes?
  3. Who's older - Mirabel or Isabela?
  4. What is Luisa's gift?
  5. What does the Madrigal family call their house?
  6. Lets do harder ones now: What is the likely reason Alma and Pedro fled their town?
  7. When do the Madrigals receive their gift?
  8. Who is the oldest of Alma's (Abuela) children?
  9. What can't Julieta's gift heal?
  10. Which of the Madrigal grandkids are NOT the same age?
  11. How old is Mirabel?
  12. How old is Isabela?
  13. In which country is Encanto set?
  14. Who does Bruno represent?
  15. Encanto is Disney's ____ film
  16. What does "Encanto" mean in Spanish?
  17. Last question: What was Bruno originally going to be called?

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Quiz topic: Encanto: How much do I know?