Which Encanto Character are You?

This quiz will tell you what 'Encanto' character you are! I am so glad you are choosing this one! I have seen 'Encanto' SO many times! Have fun and enjoy!

You could be any one of the Madrigals! Sorry :( I didn't include Agustin or Felix or Pedro, but Pedro is gone so we can't really tell his personality. But the others, I think we are good. Please enjoy!

Created by: Dolores
  1. Do you like animals?
  2. Do you like attention?
  3. Would you like to heal someone with toast?
  4. Would prank someone with a different identity?
  5. How much do you know about 'Encanto'?
  6. What gender? This doesn't affect your score.
  7. What's your favorite color? Doesn't matter.
  8. What is your age? Doesn't affect your score. ;)
  9. Thank you! Doesn't matter.
  10. Would you take this again? Doesn't affect your score.

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Quiz topic: Which Encanto Character am I?