how well do u know bubble guppies?

There r millions of smart people but few r true geniusses. What the f--- is a geniuss? A geniuss is a person who iz super smart and has a super clever mind that can complex problems and do other things that super smart people can do

R u a geniuss? Do u no what a bubble guppy iz? Do u have the ability 2 score 100% on this quiz? Do u have the power not 2 leave mean comments on my quizzes? Until now all u can do iz wonder but thanks 2 this amazing quiz created by harpusrox7 u will find out in a few minutes~!

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. how many guppies r in the class?
  2. Who iz the class pet?
  3. Who iz the teacher?
  4. Which of these iz not a bubble guppy?
  5. Who hosts the show bubble guppies?
  6. Who iz the smartest character?
  7. Can mr grouper make himself change colors?
  8. who is gil in luv with?
  9. Is bubble puppy single?
  10. Who iz smarter?nonny or mr grouper?

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