Bubble guppies quiz #2

There r many smart people but few r true geniusses. R u a bubble guppiez geniuss?? find out by takin my quiz~! and if u want to, check out the first bubble guppies quiz I made. If u want 2 see if u know even more abowt those bubble gups.

R U a geniuss?? Do u have the power to score 100% on this quiz? Do u?? Y not take this quiz & find out! And please don't leave no mean comments ok?

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. Did mr grouper try 2 swallow all the bubble gups?
  2. what made gil be super late to school?
  3. Who iz fatter: mr Grouper or the grumpfish
  4. What iz mr groupers favorite food
  5. Who adopted bubble puppy 4 Gil?
  6. What exactly iz a bubble guppy?
  7. What made Oona cry alot in the first episode of bubble guppies?
  8. Who goes in one of the guppies lunch boxes and messes up their lunch every day?
  9. Which bubble guppy usually sings the rap?
  10. Who sings the same rap every day?

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