How well can you speak Russian?

There are many Russian people in this world, and apperantly you COULD be one of them!!! But you must have the characteristics of a Russian person!!!! A Russian person is a person who is used to the cold, they are stylish, they know like ALL Russian words, and more!!!!

Are YOU a true Russian? Can YOU hold a conversation with a true Russian? Are these questions that you ask your self often? Well, thanks to my quiz, you will soon find out!!!!!

Created by: Shaneen
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  1. What does "Narivitsa" mean?
  2. What does "Prevet" mean?
  3. What does "Poy dem" mean?
  4. What does "Pravda" mean?
  5. What does "Knet" mean?
  6. What does "Dah" mean?
  7. What is "thank you" in Russian?
  8. What is "Please" on Russian?
  9. What is "Hello" in Russian?
  10. What is "Goodbye" in Russian?

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Quiz topic: How well can I speak Russian?