Are you RUSSIAN?

Russians mean they never give up and know what they want from this life. They survive in most extreem situations and always fight for whatever they wanna get!

So, do you think you could be Russian? Well, try out this quiz that can tell you how much russian blood you have left inside and may be you need soem donor??

Created by: Olga
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  1. YOu Do have a lather jacket and big black shades! for sure!
  2. You have a fake ID, or if you don't , you sure have someone who can get you some VODKA for your celebration!
  3. You do have about 200 CLOSE relatives. And for each family reunion there are about 100 kids and 20 pregnant woman.
  4. You sure do have some uncle who is completely tied up with some criminal "brigadas" and you are expecting to be in one of them soon.
  5. If you are a guy, you do hang out and even sleep with any other nationality girl, but when it's time to get married it HAS to be Russian girl!
  6. You are a real russian girl if you are:
  7. You first car was:
  8. You do know your national anthem for sure!
  9. The current president of Russia is:
  10. The colours of russian flag are:
  11. Your favourite meal is:
  12. What is the name of the holiday, where all russians say "Goodbye" to winter and burn out a huge doll on a big fire

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Quiz topic: Am I RUSSIAN?