how russian are you?

Russia, the biggest country in the world, in it people are proud to be russian, and proud to be different. russians, invented vodka you know, you probably do, but do you know how much alchohol is in it? you can answer that question in the quiz.

Are YOU a true russian, how much do you really know about russia? this quiz takes you to the very depth of russian culture. find out if you have what it takes to be russian, do it now! take this quiz, please, it's good.

Created by: olga bykova
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  1. it's new year's eve, what's on your table?
  2. you are a highschool student, and you hang out with...?
  3. what do you call those russian dolls, that when you open them a smaller doll comes out and so on?
  4. do you celebrate christmas?
  5. where do you think santa claus lives?
  6. how much alchohol is in vodka?
  7. do you belive that pouring cold water over yourself everyday, will prevent illness like flu and colds.?
  8. do you know what banya is?
  9. how much letters are there in the russian alphabet?
  10. "morning is wiser then evening" an old russian sayng,what does it mean?

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Quiz topic: How russian am I?