How weird are you?

This again! Who made this a rule? Well, who ever did needs to get rid of it. Why do I need a paragraph to explain the quiz? Just read the title, stupid.

Jon went to the store. This has nothing to do with the quiz. No one from here. Cow woman is fat. Job needed to poop. Random words flowing on to the page.

Created by: thepoolloops

  1. When it comes to statics, you usually have more in common with __.
  2. Do you usually find yourself agreeing with unique people or the majority of people?
  3. Your opinion(s) is/are often ___.
  4. Do you get involved in strange activities? If so, how many?
  5. Do you have a hard time relating to people or finding people to relate to?
  6. If there's a movie (almost) everyone likes, you __.
  7. If there's a movie (almost) everyone hates, you __.
  8. Have you done stuff no one's ever done before?
  9. Do your thoughts & feelings differ from most people?
  10. Do your opinions, actions, the things you say, feelings, or thoughts tend to shock others?
  11. If someone hates you it's because __.

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Quiz topic: How weird am I?