How Washingtonian are you, really?

Many of the Washingtonian quizzes focus on King County and areas West of the Cascades. But to call yourself a true Washingtonian, you have to know the WHOLE state! See if you do.

Washington is a variety of people, places and things to do. If you are a person that knows your way around Washington West and East of the Cascades, then this quiz may be for you! Give it a try!

Created by: diggergirl2004

  1. What do people from Walla Walla call the Milton Freewater area?
  2. There are Air Force Bases near Tacoma and Spokane. Name them.
  3. What town in Eastern Washington is the location of the TV show Northern Exposure?
  4. Moses Lake is located in which county?
  5. What is the name of the place where the Seattle Sonics (as well as multiple musicians) have played over the years.
  6. The initial idea behind the Experience Music Project in the Seattle Center area was the brain child of which Seattle born musician.
  7. What city is WSU located in? (Across the border from Moscow, ID..home of University of Idaho)
  8. There is a famous competition/race that takes place in Okanogan County in the first week in August much to the dismay of PETA. What's it called?
  9. What is the name of the famous Amphitheater located near George, WA?
  10. What famous seafood restaurant is located at Pier 54 in Seattle? (Acre's of Clams)

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Quiz topic: How Washingtonian am I, really?