Are you a Washingtonian?

There are lots of people who claim to be a Washingtonian, but only some people are. Don't worry, this quiz isn't all that hard, but try it and see if you either are a Washingtonian, or if you just have a big brain.

Being a true Washingtonian is quite an accomplishment, so I hope you are gathering up what you know about Washington! I'm praying that you won't cheat on my quiz and that you'll be honest with what you know. So have fun!

Created by: Grace
  1. What is the capital of Washington?
  2. Which of these is a region in Washington?
  3. Which is a German-based tourist attraction?
  4. Where are the Cougs?
  5. Which is one place where the Huskies are?
  6. Which one is in the middle?
  7. Which island has lots of rich people?
  8. What's in the Space Needle?
  9. What can you see a lot of driving through the Cascade Mountains?
  10. What is a main crop in Wenatchee?
  11. What is a main airport in Washington?
  12. Which area of Washington is most populated?
  13. Are you a Washingtonian?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Washingtonian?