Which HEART dog would suit you?

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We have lots of available Huskies. We get more coming in every week. We need to find them homes. Maybe there is a small spot on your rug or sofa for one of these dogs?

Could one of these Huskies belong in your home? Take the questionnaire and we'll give you a suggestion. (Don't worry we won't drive round to your house with the dog.

Created by: Ian Hooley
  1. Do you prefer your dogs to walk on a loose leash?
  2. Do you like your garden to be perfect?
  3. Do you like Husky cuddles?
  4. Do you like to meet lots of other dogs?
  5. Do you like peace and quiet?
  6. Do you have a secure garden?
  7. Do you have and cats?
  8. Would you mind a lot if you found Husky Fur in your breakfast?
  9. Are you a very active person who wants your dog to be very active too?
  10. Are you going to breed your Huskies at any point?

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