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Dogs are all around us and they are weaved into our everyday lives. Even though there are many breeds of dogs in this world, not all of them would suit us all induvidually.

As well as being a fun quiz, this quiz is designed to help you decide what sort of dog would suit you. This will work if you answer it truthfully. (please do not take this to seriously though)

Created by: starristar
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  1. You wake with a start early on Monday morning. You can hear the pitter patter of rain on the roof and at the windows. It takes you a couple of minutes to rise but when you do, you wash pull on some clothes and look outside. Rain is coming down by the bucket load and it looks as though it has been doing so all night. You go to the kitchen of your tiny flat, but whne you look in the drawer above the oven, you find that you have no cereal left...
  2. You decide to go to your local convinience store. You go in and make your way to the breakfast section. You pick out your cerial but when you get to the cashier, you find out that you have no money on you.
  3. Finally you maage to get your cerial. You bag it up and go home via the park. You walk with a spring in your step through the park. Then all of a sudden, you see an inocent little child being beaten up by an armed gang.
  4. Lets just say the kid is fine now. So you make your way back to your flat. It starts to rain and when you get to your door you find that some squaters have moved in. You try to get in, you push your keys through the lock and everything but you just can't get in. You start to become more and more desperate...
  5. Anyhow, the squters will not leave and the poice are still trying to get them out. You walk down the tower block and out onto the street below. You have time, loads of time to kill, what do you do now?
  6. You go to into the centre of town and then a cop pulls up alongside you and gets out. "Excuse me?" he says, "but you are under arrest for murder."
  7. The cop finally gets you and takes you in for questioning. All of the force imediatley relise that you are completley innocent and set you free again. When you get out of the station, you feel so alone and cold, you decide to run away, but were to?
  8. When you get to your final destination, it is cold and dark and you nestle down to go to sleep. But suddenly, you hear a rustling in the distance and a dark shape comes bounding towards you.
  9. You see it is a dog and you wlcome it towards you with open arms. Which of these breeds do you hope it will be?
  10. You snuggle up with your lovely new pet. And you also live happily ever after...
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