What Kind Of Dog Are You?

Papillons are very cute and long-eared. They have butterfly wings. They always have white on them with another color. They love older kids and adults.

Beagles are very cute and lovable! They love all the love and hugging. Some turn into fine hunting dogs called gamedogs. Beagles are great dogs and love all people!

Created by: horsette
  1. Your friends are waiting for you at the Pup-Pup Park. You tell them
  2. What would describe you?
  3. Most people think you are
  4. You got lost in the woods with your friend. You
  5. Your Owners are Training you. They
  6. Would you bark at all?
  7. Your Coat Color Would Be
  8. How do your ears look?
  9. How does your tail look?
  10. Are you a big dog or a small dog?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Dog am I?