How Understanding Are You to Your Sister?

Hi! I have a sibling, and I know plenty how they can be. Changing moods, happy, sad, annoying... I don't know how you feel about your sisters, though and I want to understand you.

If you don't know what kind of sister or brother you are, this is a quiz to make sure you know. I know that at least some of you will be wondering, am I doing the right thing?

Created by: Lily Wind
  1. Do you always comfort your sister?
  2. Do you feel sorry for your sister when she is scolded? Do you want to comfort her?
  3. Can you imagine that you are your sister when she is being scolded?
  4. Does your sister try to comfort you when you are scolded?
  5. Do you take the blame for your sister?
  6. Do you blame your sister about a bad thing you did?
  7. What do you feel when you look at your sister?
  8. Do you scold your sister?
  9. Is it easy complimenting your sister?
  10. Does your sister get mad at you?

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Quiz topic: How Understanding am I to my Sister?