Your Warrior Cat Love Story!

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Okay so, you are FernKit, then FernPaw, then FernLeap. Your one and only sibling, a sister is FlutterFlight, who also possesses your outstanding agility. You are quite a fun and loving cat

Well, that last paragraph was to explain what your cat is, and all of your family. Except for your parents, which I don't feel like are too involved. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Okay, first things first, your name is FernKit, and you have golden fur and green eyes. Got it?
  2. You awaken to the rays of the moon. You see BlazeKit and OakKit fighting, IceKit is trying to defuse the situation, what do you do?
  3. This is just descriptions of the cats. IceKit: Gray fur with a little white and a dark gray swirl, also he has green eyes.BlazeKit: Light orange fur, a little bit of white, stripes that are hardly noticeable, and green eyesOakKit: Oak brown fur, black tail, and amber eyes
  4. (Time skip) it is your apprentice ceremony, and you and your sister, FlutterKit have been named apprentices. You are now FernPaw, and your sister is now FlutterPaw. IcePaw walks up to you and starts purring, OakPaw goes on your other side, and starts grooming and purring. BlazePaw simply gives you a look of love, what do you do?
  5. (time skip) You, your mentor, the deputy, and the trio (IcePaw, BlazePaw, and OakPaw) are on a hunting patrol. You are chasing a rabbit, so you don't notice the badger that stands in your way. It pins you to the ground, you:
  6. The deputy reports to the leader, and IcePaw, BlazePaw, and OakPaw become warriors. Their new names are IceBounce BlazeSight and OakScar, IceBounce for his fun and outgoing personality, BlazeSight for his intelligence, and OakScar for his amazing fighting skills and aggressiveness. Not to mention his many scars. Anyways, who are you most excited for?
  7. One day, you are on a patrol with IceBounce, you:
  8. (time skip) After a long battle, you are named a warrior, you new name is FernLeap, for your agility that won your clan the battle. Your clan (SkyClan) has rejoiced at the fact that you are now a warrior. Especially the trio (IceBounce, BlazeSight, and OakScar) you have known them since you were kits, so it's only natural when they congratulate you. I'm going to be straight forward with this question: Which one do you like?
  9. welp, I"m sure you found the last question surprising. (I hope you're still here after that lol) Anyways, on to the next question! One day, you're chasing a squirrel up the tree, when a hawk unexpectedly swoops down on you and knocks you down the tree, your med cat (StemWhisker) starts to treat your wound. The three toms (IceBounce, BlazeSight, and OakScar) are all surrounding you, to which one do you return their affectionate gaze?
  10. I hoped you enjoyed, did you?

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