The Love Story of Rosedawn! Part 1!

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Welcome to my LAST Warrior Cat Love Story quiz! I got my password to work again, so this will be posted on WarriorsLover66! Check out my love stories about Fernpool, Dawnflower, Streamcloud, Brightstar, Sparkheart, Emberflower, and now, Rosekit!

Rosekit is a silver tabby she-cat with golden eyes. Her mother is a golden she-cat named Honeyshine, and her father is a silver tabby tom, formerly of RiverClan, named Larkstripe. Her sister is a smoky gray she-cat named Dovekit. Love interests: Skykit, Eveningkit, Thistlekit, and Deerkit. Who will you choose?

Created by: WarriorsLover66
  1. Welcome! This will be my LAST Warrior Cats Love Story quiz! After this, I might do the medicine cat route for my story about Emberflower. Are you ready?
  2. You open your eyes. As you adjust to the light, a voice speaks. “Hello, little kit! I’m your mother, Honeyshine!” She forms into a golden tabby she-cat, what do you think of her?
  3. Another cat pads in, this one a silver tabby tom. “I’m your father, little kit.” He says. Just then, you see a white blur whiz around the nursery. She stops in front of you.
  4. “Hi! I’m your sister, Dovekit! Wanna come play?”
  5. Whatever you say, Dovekit drags you along. “What did Honeyshine name you?” Can you guess your name? Hint: It’s a flower!
  6. “Rosekit,” You answer. “Yes! Mother listened to my name suggestion!” Dovekit says. She walks over and gathers up some kits to play. One of them, a dark gray tabby tom comes over to you. “I’m Thistlekit.” He says on a gruff voice, “Stay away from me.”
  7. Another kit, this one a dark blue-gray she-kit suggests to play moss-ball. Her name is Eveningkit. The moss-ball comes to you, who do you pass it to?
  8. After a while, it got boring. “Let’s do something else.” Skykit says. But soon, the kits were arguing. Skykit wants to play with the elders, Deerkit wants to run around camp, Eveningkit wants to play clans, and Thistlekit just wants to sleep. Who do you hang with?
  9. You had fun doing your activity of choice. Now, all the kits grouped together, including Dovekit, to play one final game of Cats and Clans. But everyone was yawning. You went to sleep,
  10. The next day, there was a prodding in your side. You wake up and see Thistlekit. “Hey Rosekit. Wanna explore camp with me?”
  11. As you go, the leader of BrambleClan, Vinestar, comes over. “Hello.” She smiles. “Tomorrow, you, your sister, Thistlekit, Eveningkit, Skykit, and Dovekit will become apprentices.” “What about Deerkit?” You ask. “She snook out of camp with….that Thistlekit.”
  12. The next day, your father comes over. “I’m sorry little kit. I forgot to tell you my name. I’m Larkstripe. You’re becoming an apprentice tomorrow?” You nod. “That’s great! I bet Vinestar will choose a great mentor for you.” Now, speaking of mentors! You will get one of these 3 mentors. Pick the one you like best! The order will go Name/Purrsona/Rank/Purrsonality!
  13. The next day, you run outside of the nursery. Vinestar looked lost in thought on the Moonrock, but when you pad over, she smiles. “Hello, Rosekit. Up early, I see?” You nod. “Well, that’s ok. In fact, wake up your mother. I need to discuss something.”
  14. A few hours later, the kits are all nervous. Who do you comfort and play with?
  15. Soon, Vinestar calls a meeting. The 4 kits stride proudly up. Thistlekit and Deerkit sadly sit next to each other. You listen while Vinestar talks. “Cats of BrambleClan, we are here to announce 4 new apprentices. Skykit, Eveningkit, Dovekit, and Rosekit.”
  16. “Skykit, your mentor is Thornstem. Thornstem, you have showed great courage and resilience. Pass on these qualities to your new apprentice.” Skykit touches noses with his mentor.
  17. Eveningkit, your mentor is Crimsonclaw, Dovekit, your mentor is Acornpelt(med cat). And finally, Rosekit. Your mentor will be…..Ivytail!” She pauses for a moment, before chanting your new names. “Skypaw! Eveningpaw! Dovepaw! Rosepaw!”

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