how to tell if you need to get over your crush

this quiz is about if you believe you need to get over your crush or not. i always asked my self this because i had a crush for 7 years and it will probably never happen. So this quiz she help you not have a bad rest of your school year.

some people spend there life on one boy. when really then need to be looking at the bigger pitcher. also many people do things bad just for a boy and that WILL affect your mental health.

Created by: Bella

  1. at school, is it easy for you to move away from him/her when he sits next to you.
  2. Do you not like the way he/she acts in classes anymore. like when he/she say dumb things do you not like it.
  3. How many years has your crush known you liked him/her?
  4. has it been 2 or more years you confess you like for him/jer?
  5. do you like another person?
  6. Do you and him/her have a full conversation. not just about school.
  7. do you miss him/her over the summer?
  8. how old are you?
  9. did you try to like the same thing he/she does?
  10. what's your gender

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Quiz topic: How to tell if you need to get over my crush