Does your crush like you? (for boys)

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There are so many mixed signals a girl can send you, perhaps you're confused and don't know what to do, then you should take this test to see whether you have a chance or need to work a bit more.

I am a girl and recently I had a HUGE crush on a guy and these are the most important things I did (I can't believe I was so crazy) please be honest, do not chose what you'd wish to happen.

Created by: Annonymus
  1. First things first: Does she stare at you? (means if you catch her constantly looking at you for few seconds each time)
  2. Does she blush when she's next you? or when she talks to you?
  3. Did she make the first step? (was the first one who talked to you)
  4. Does her friends call your name/ tease her when you're next to her?
  5. Do you hug? (who hugs who?)
  6. Does she try to touch you? (arm, hair, shoulder, etc.)
  7. Did she ever compliment you (more than once of course)
  8. Did she ever try to be funny next to you? Even if the jokes are completely bizarre? (could be she's just silly)
  9. Does her voice pitch change? (it becomes a little higher)
  10. Does she suddenly appear mostly everywhere you are? (your favourite places to go or just simply most common places you go to)
  11. Does she try to make you jealous? (example: talking/teasing another guy when she knows you can see and often glances at you)
  12. Does she text/call you first?
  13. Does she talk about other boys next to you (ex or some crush) (not a good sign, I wouldn't ask for crush advice from my crush)
  14. Does she ask you who is your crush?
  15. Does she tease you? (could be she just likes your reactions and teases you a just a friend tho)
  16. For how long do you usually make eye contact?
  17. Does she invite you to go home with her? (could be she doesn't have anyone else to go with)
  18. Now what do you feel, do you think she likes you?
  19. When you walk past each other does she look at you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you? (for boys)