Will your crush ask you out?

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This quiz can determine if the crush that you have will ask you out one day! Getting asked out to a school dance, party, or date can be very exciting. You've picked out what you're going to wear. You've picked out the movie you will see, all you need is for him to just ask you out already!

So go ahead and take this fun quiz to see if he will be asking you out tomorrow or in two months! And don't worry if your score is low, that doesn't mean that things will change. Have fun!

Created by: kim1499
  1. How do you know your crush?
  2. Has he ever texted you on the weekend just to say "hey"?
  3. On average, how many times a week to you text, if at all?
  4. When you try to make conversation with him, how does he react?
  5. Have you ever made him laugh/ or he makes you laugh a lot?
  6. Which of the following have you ever done to him to get his attention?
  7. Do you have a mutual friend in this situation? (someone that is friends with you and him and an clue him in that you like him)
  8. Do you think he likes you?
  9. This question is actually more important than you might think so really think about it. Do you truly like him? and I mean you like not just his looks but his personality?
  10. Do you have common interests?
  11. Do you do any boyish things like these?
  12. How do you dress, usually?
  13. Very important last question....: Do you talk in-person a lot? (like, its not all texting?)

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Quiz topic: Will Ir crush ask you out?