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  • Help !!!!!! He asked me out a couple of weeks ago and i freeked out and said i wasn't ready. I'm scared he's going to move on and i've known and liked him for 5 years and he told me he also liked me for the longest time. We chat often and he is quite shy. My friends tease me around him T.T and he blushs ALOT XD. I'm still not sure if he is going to wait for a couple years...

    If anyone can respond to my comment then that would be greatly apreciated (I check for responses quite often) .

  • I got 54% which is quite funny since I'm already dating him. Just a hint for future quizzes, make the answers more general.

  • Guys this is important Idk if my crush likes !me back help !me, he sometimes comments me and stares at me. He says I love u, and once he called me hot and said he misses me. XD help me. Hint he starts with the letter P. Help !me

  • Hi! I am the writer of the quiz! I'd really appreciate it if you could give this quiz a 10 star rating/comment! Thank you very much for taking my quiz!

  • We r already dating though

    Vagina and penis
  • I had a 54% chance that my crush will ask me out. I'm not sure if he will ask me out or something else. So I need help to get my crush to like me.

  • good quiz but one thing....what if you or your crush doesn't have a phone? becAuse I don't think me or him has a phone.

  • i dont have a phone and i catch him staring all the time i just dont know cause his family moves alot so i dont want to end up heartbroken

  • I got 38%. :P

  • 62% :p


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