How to tell if a boy likes you

Many of my friends wonder if certain boys like certain girls, if you watch closely you can tell if a boy has a crush on you! You might think he hates you, or says he does but if you answer these questions honestly you will hopefully fins out :)

Do you like this certain boy? If you do and your results are good or bad, either way you should talk and become good friends or maybe boyfriend and girlfriend?!

Created by: Rosie

  1. How often does he look at you?
  2. How does he act around you?
  3. Do you like him?
  4. Does he make you laugh and try to impress you?
  5. Has he ever...
  6. Do you
  7. Do you know his friends?
  8. Does he talk about girls around you
  9. Are you friends?
  10. Which has he commented about you
  11. If you were to hug him what would he do
  12. Do you think he likes you?

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