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  • Hm almost falling off a bridge with some stranger,idk how I got there but that's good we both made it alive even though sometimes it might feel like the fall is worth it in the long run it really isn't there is so much to live for. Cool quiz mate. Also good song reference.

    Life and Death Moment 77%

    You walk across a bridge only made of rope then a girl(or boy) pulls you back and says "Are you crazy?It would fall even if a mouse went on it" She wants to go first so you don't fall. The bridge is like 50 feet in the air. She slips and you grip her hand hard and she askes your name and when you tell her she pulls herself up. That was so fast but you become friends...Thank god for bridges!!!

  • You should listen to the song "To Save a Life" by the Newsboys, it's pure awesomeness. You might not be able to tell what it's about at first, but you'll get it. (hint: Salvation!)

  • The lyrics are actually:
    "Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend,
    somewhere along in the bitterness."
    But nice quiz! I got "sad kid."

  • You would like the song "All You Need is Love" by the Beatles. Ya, I'm WAY obsessed with Harry Potter and the Beatles.

  • Damn! Now I got "How To Save A Life" stuck in my head!

  • Drowning huh looks like face will be in the papers in a few years time

  • awesome! got life and death moment :D

  • how to save a life is d song by fray.. btw nice quiz.. i got the drowning kid result


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