How To Save A Life

OK s Ive seen people being hurt and in pain but I have never have gotten the chance to help the poor people who go through these things every day like a chore and some people even kill theme selves.

Maybe you can be the person who saves a life. I wrote this quiz while listening to the song " How To Save A Life" You know the one that goes " How did I go wrong, I lost a friend. Some where some how in the wilderness." Any ways...

Created by: MollytheDoll
  1. A kitten is lost in a forest and her mommy cat died she has no place to go and you are pretty sure she doesn't have an owner.
  2. You see a child getting stolen by a grown man or woman. What do you do?
  3. Pick a hobby
  4. Explain your fav cloths
  5. Would you help anyone at any time
  6. Do you care for nature
  7. Are kids people too?
  8. You act like you never seen a white girl on stage before!So don't ignore. You act like shes from a sugar store!
  9. Whats your favorite disney movie out of these
  10. Ready for your answers

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