how to kill your friend

please don't sue me :( its just a prank bro so pls don't kill ur best friend or FRIENd (no sHADE) because I'm a 7 year old boy from kansas who plays fortnite and minecraft!!!! :( :( : (: (

this is a quiz that will tell you how to "KILL" (notice the ["] marks) YOUR best FRIEND! have fun and please don't do bad things to your friends unless they're ted buddy.

Created by: george lopez

  1. what element are you?
  2. whats a hobby of yours?
  3. whats your favorite color?
  4. whats your favorite scent?
  5. whats your favorite animal?
  6. are you DATING SOMEONE!??!?!
  7. who's your FAVORITE celeb!!!!?
  8. whats your favorite fruit snack?
  9. r u vegan???
  10. r u a good person?

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Quiz topic: How to kill my friend