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  • YOU ARE 100% TIRED! 0%

    You are super, super, super, super tired! Go to bed, NOW! For a looooooong time. Everyone around you is telling you that you're tired, and you're yelling at them for little things, like singing a song. You should definitely go to bed. And stop telling your sisters to be quiet! You're the loud one.

  • Hundred percent tired,true as I only get a few hours of sleep every night and also suffer from insomnia. I've never been able to sleep very well but hopefully that changes soon. Cool quiz anyways.

  • I'm 100% tired and yes that is true. It's 11'o clock here, I had to get up really early the last days and when I want to bed I play with my phone to really late. So true.. Hrrrr...zzzzz...

  • I'm 100% tired :O (yawning face) *sleeps*

    Elory Chihuahua
  • it says that i'm tired, but i got o%... i should try another quiz...

  • I'm not that tired and its 10:11pm here.


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