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  • I love and hate being tickled! Everytime I get tickled I laugh and pee my pants! Last week, my BFF, Haley, was behind me in math, in the middle of the test, she started tickling me! I laughed out loud! In the middle of class! I was hysterical with laughter! After a few seconds, with the whole class staring at me, I didn't know suddenly felt warm pee run down my legs!!! I looked down at my soaked pants and the puddle on the floor, it wasn't a secret what happened! Poor me!

  • I love being tickled! Once in the middle of class, there was a fire drill, so we all had to go outside, you know in fire drills you have to walk in a straight line and stay still when you get outside. Well my BFFS Layla and Kayleigh, and my BF Elijah were all behind me. Kayleigh accidentally brushed her arm against my side, and I quietly giggled. I turned and saw her smirk. I turned back around, and she started tickling me!! Of course I had to laugh SUPER Loud. The teachers shushed me. She stopped. At my school, our class rides on the same bus since we live near each other, and Layla, Kayleigh, Elijah and I were all in the same seat. While I was looking out the window, Kayleigh tickled my sides, Elijah tickled my tummy, and Layla tickled my underarms. I laughed even louder than before! Soon, people I didn't even know were tickling me! I was so red faced when I got home, my mother wanted to schedule me a doctor appointment!!

    • lol for someone who likes tickling that seems like heaven XDDD

      Honestly Im pretty ticklish and I like tickling but Im basically never tickled soooooooooooooo yea

      Joe mama lol
  • My best friend started tickling my sides under my desk for a whole class. That's where I'm ticklish mostly and I still haven't gotten her back yet. I literally had to leave halfway so I could go to the bathroom and not disrupt the class with my laughing.

    Most torturous thing ever !

  • I got extremely ticklish and I am actually extremely ticklish and I get tickled a lot

  • My boyfriend is highly ticklish.
    His sister once woke him up and tickled him,

    He kept laughing and holding his crouch not to pee

    He peed his pants and kept laughing.

  • My mom was tickling me and then my sister ties me up so I was laughing sooo hard and they where tickling me with things so that made it so so much Worse Poor me lol

    • Where did they tickle you at

  • To ticklish Id be screwed

  • I got not at all ticklish and my boyfriend got extremely ticklish. F u n n y

  • weak spot lol


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