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  • @countrygirl, posting your romantic problems online isn't exactly the smartest thin to do (trust me I know) but I will help you. I think, before you choose, you should tell G that you're both too young to mess around, then see how he responds. If he's cool with waiting, I personally think he'd be a keeper. Of course, if he tries to force 'it' on you, he should dump him! A seems like a sweetheart, but he seems more like a friend than a boyfriend. And the clingy part is a total turn off.

  • 48% normal. Ok. But I need help... So there is my bf and my best friend both guys. bf=G nd bestie=A. So Ive known A since 3rd grade and I liked him and he liked me but after a while i got over him. Then a while back he got dumped and a few days later we were txting and he was all sad and then he said that there was one person that would be better than his ex. I begged him to tell me expecting him to say my friend but he said it was me. I told him i dont want to ruin our friendship and i loved G and we r better off friends. But then G was getting jeaulous of our time so i talked to both of them seperatly bout it and they both understood. Then G finnaly got up the guts to kiss me and now A is trying to also. Pearsonallitys... A-Clingy, Romantic, Always there for me, Understands me, Knows my deepest secrets, clingy, clingy... Did i mention clingy? and sweet. G- Smart, Romantic, Always knows what to say, Fun, Funny, shy, sweet, kissable, amazing, ect. But G is hinting he wants to f with me and we are way too young. Idk what to do. A or G???

  • Obviously aimed at school kids, but the question at the beginning asks how old you are, and the options go up to 60+ if I remembered correctly. This quiz could do with additional questions.

  • 37% on the normal scale. WEEEEEE!

    Also, to the girl posting her romantic problems...

    You REALLY sound like you're only in grade school. I would just... stop. Please. Stop.

  • Of course unicorns aren't always the answer, 42 is THE Answer.

  • I got 27% normal! By the way, unicorns are ALWAYS the answer.

  • I just took 'How Normal are You'. It said I was 20% normal.This quiz says I'm 80% normal. One of them is faulty.

  • 22%...... I expected this kind of score unfortunately...

  • At first I got 20% Oh and UNICORNS ARE ALWAYS THE ANSWER... Then I got 9% I guess I'm really weird

  • Lol I got 11%, but i do love them unicorns so...

  • I am 57% normal.Hey the quiz is good!

  • You rank 63% on the normal scale.

    really i am strange? i hope i dont get any more strange!

  • 76%


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