How soon is now?

High school is a rough time. New friends, new guys, new teachers, and the occasional bully. ''How soon is now?'' Is a quiz-novel about love, friendship and robots in the year 2089.

When is the right time? Who is the right guy? Will you be a class hero, or an all zero? With every chapter written, you'll find out... and in time, you'll find out exactly when 'now' is.

Created by: The Solem Heir

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  1. It's the year 2089. It's the era of robots and technology. You're on your way to your high school, Cyberrats high school of tech and 'r'. Or Cyberrats, for short. Your mom drove you the short way from home to school. ''Mom, I'm fine, you can leave now...'' You tell her. ''Just one more kiss!'' She insists as she kisses your cheek for the third time. ''C'mon, mum... I gotta go before I'm late...'' ''Oh fine then. I'll let you go.'' She says, waving her hand. ''Bye honey! Have a wonderful first day!'' She shouts enthusiastically. ''Bye, mum.'' You reply, as she drives off.
  2. You walk slowly towards the school. As you're walking, you see your old friend, Caelen coming towards you. ''Hey!'' You shout. ''I thought you were going to a different high school?'' He asks. ''Nah, this one's closer to home.'' You reply and smile. ''Besides, why would I leave you?'' He smiles that cheeky smile he's had since you first met. You know everything will be alright when you see that smile.
  3. You start walking together to Cyberrats. The high school received it's name from the founder, Jeremiah Cyberrat. He believed in teaching children the importance of technology, and making sure that that tradition was passed on. Unfortunately, it hasn't been passed on as he would have liked it to be. The new principle is a plump woman with fluffy ginger hair, who resembles a hamster. Her motto is ''Keep the kids happy, keep the good grades coming!''. She has no passion for technology. As you're walking, a boy who seems like he's in a hurry bumps into you. You're just about to shout ''Hey! Watch it!'' When he turns around and looks you in the eyes. ''Are you alright?'' He asks. His sparkling green eyes have you mesmerized.
  4. ''I'm fine,'' You reply, dazed. ''Just fine.'' ''Oh, good. I'm sorry I bumped into you. My name is Ely.'' He says, as he reaches out his hand to shake yours. You firmly grip his hand and smile as you shake. You quickly glance back at Caelen and sense a hint of jealousy in his eyes. ''C'mon, ________.'' He says. ''We don't want to be late.''
  5. Caelen grabs your hand and starts pulling you towards the school. ''Caelen, what's the matter?'' You ask. You can tell he's slightly annoyed. ''Nothing,'' He replies. ''I just don't want to be late for our first class.'' As you're being dragged away, you see Ely hurrying to catch up with you.
  6. The first lesson you have is Biology. The teacher, Ms. Fratmile, is going on about how some part of whatever works. But you're not paying attention to her. You're doodling the two boys on your biology book. ''__________, do you understand what I'm talking about?'' She suddenly asks you. ''Huh? Um, yeah, absolutely.'' ''Then will you please explain what I just explained?'' You hesitate for a while, because you have no idea what she was going on about. On the whiteboard the word ''PHOTOSYNTHESIS'' is written in a green pen. You start talking about everything you know about Photosynthesis. ''... That's not what I said, but it was a very good explanation. Class, here is a young girl with a bright mind.'' She tells everyone. You hear some girls in the back of the class snicker.
  7. After that, It's time for Maths. You got seated next to Ely in this class. Caelen is on the other side of the classroom next to a red-headed girl called Louise. You can see he's not enjoying it.
  8. ''Hey, _________? I forgot my pen in Biology, do you have one I could borrow?'' Ely whispers to you. ''Of course,'' You say, as you always have extra pencils in your pencil case. You hand him the pencil with your favorite band on it. ''Thanks a lot.'' He says. ''Hey, I like this band too!'' He smiles at you. As he does, his dark brown hair covers his eyes. He quickly blows it out of his face. You giggle at this, because he looked so incredibly cute when he did that...
  9. Well, that's it for this chapter! I hope you liked my first quiz-story-love-thingy!
  10. I'll see you next time! Friendly wishes, The Solem Heir.

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