Vampire...or werewolf?

Hello Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Headmaster Starblazer. I run this school. So you're a wizard here. We have a few simple rules, here at Hogwarts. 1. No profanity 2. Listen to teachers (major admins) at all times. 3. You must attend your classes (make a useful post. Bumps don't count) at least once every thirty days 4. Romance can only go as far as a kiss 5. Breaking any of these rules* will result in immediate expelliation *breaking rule number two will result in a seven day suspension. We only have a few teachers (major admins) so far, teachers have special privileges. Teachers can... 1. Teachers can suspend anyon

Name: Year: Pet: Wand: Appearance: House: Favorite type of spell: Do they play Quidittch? If so what position: Background: Personality: Other: That's that, the teachers have to fill these out also when they come, theirs is a bit different. Here is what one would look like.

Created by: awesome

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like meat or blood?
  2. Are you clever?
  3. Do you believe you can fly or do you believe you can run fast?
  4. Do you hate life?
  5. What is your name
  6. Does you l00k lik teh n00b?
  7. I am a werewolf.Am I cool?
  8. I am a vampire.Am I cool?
  9. Why are you here?
  10. BE.A.AWESOME.DUDE!!!!!

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