How soft are you?

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Some people are very easily aggravated while others are impossible to break. While reaching breaking point isn't all bad so is letting others beat on you can be.

But the real question is which one of the categories do YOU fall under? Take this quiz to find out wether you'll snap like a stick or take a beating like a pillow.

Created by: Tyreseonater
  1. Oh Queso, let's slide you in nice and easy. Welcome to my quiz!
  2. So, you're at school and walking to your next class and a silly student runs by and knocks you over. What do you do?
  3. While you're picking up the papers that last student knocked out of your hands, another one accidently steps on your notes. What happens then?
  4. While in your last class of the day, you get spitballed by the class imbecile. How do you react?
  5. After school your schoolwide bully tries to converse with you. What is your response?
  6. Based on your last response, the bully tries to fight with you. Your reaction is?
  7. No matter how hard you fought back, you end up in the hospital with a broken arm. Whenever the nurse asks if there is anything you'd like, you respond with?
  8. When you get home your younger sibling keeps asking you questions about your broken arm.
  9. That's my quiz! I hope you enjoyed!
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Quiz topic: How soft am I?