how smexy are you?

are you smexy? hears a hint... it doesnt mean attractive!!! if you are bored and are wondering if you really do spend too much time in front of your computer than this test may be just right for you.

are you smart? nerdy? find out wit this awesome super coo fabulous test! find out things about your personality you never knew before! yaayyyyy! *note: this is not your grandpas test*

Created by: Bobob

  1. what does smexy mean?
  2. what is your average grade?
  3. what do you like better?
  4. what is the answer: 20+3-2x1
  5. do you have a girlfriend?
  6. what does your girlfriend look like?
  7. choose a color.
  8. choose a number.
  9. what is your name?
  10. test your luck

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Quiz topic: How smexy am I?