How much do you know about the band 100 monkeys?

How much do you know about the best band in the world ,100 Monkeys? Take this quiz to find out. By the way, Jackson Rathbone is SMEXY. Yeah he is. Well anyway hope you like my quiz or test...err well you know what I mean

Are you the expert at know the band 100 Monkeys? Do you have what it takes to be called a TRUE fan? Until then take this quiz. Your answers will just be a few clicks away.

Created by: none of your business

  1. Is Jackson Rathbone in the band 100 Monkeys?
  2. Which song are these lyrics from? "She was young but she liked to act younger than she was."
  3. How 'bout these lyrics? "You look so good you look like jello ... yellow jello
  4. These lyrics? "The door msn calls my name,good ole joe sure knows my game."
  5. Quik Break!!! Do you love Jackson Rathbone???
  6. How about these lyrics??"So keep your left eye open and your right toe twitchen cause I'm in the kitchen with a knife that's itchen for your red blood"
  7. Another Quick break!!!! If you like twilight them what team are you??
  8. I ran out of questions!!!!
  9. Ok the next questions are just gonna be fillers k?
  10. Do you think Jasper in twilight is SMEXY!!!
  11. Will you comment??
  12. will you rate

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the band 100 monkeys?