The bubbLegum test x !

well i love gum and pretty sure no one loves it more it might be about gum it might not it might be really interesting it might be really boring but ask yourself wat do u call yourself yes i know u cal yourself by your name but if i was to describe u id call u a loser but if u take the test u cud change that or maybe u wont .youll just hav to take it then wont u .loser.

ARe you smart , lazy , crazy, sexy, smexy Yup Smexy all the cool kids ar using it get in 2 da lingo uh huh lingo is Back in bet u didnt know that well take the Bubblegum test thats wat i been trying 2 say for the last 2 minutes anyway take it take it take it NOW .

Created by: Tatiana
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wat tastes better ....x !
  2. do u always laugh at a guy/girls jokes even wen they ar so not funny
  3. so yer friends boy/girlfriend is super hot wud u pull the flirt trigger x
  4. wat type of perfume Do you wear
  5. u are like
  6. wat wud u keep as a pet a ....
  7. wat decade do u belong in
  8. who wud be your very best friend in all u dream dance and do (an expression i made up )
  9. wat wud u do wit 1 TRILLION euro/dollas/Money?
  10. wat is yer fave things to wear
  11. and last but not least xxxx wat is yer fave flave of bubblegum (u knew that wuz coming right?)

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